About the Band

Mark Zettel. Visionary. Resolute. Magnanimous. None of these words describe him. He was however blessed with a gift for song and lyric unique among even the most highly praised Canadian folk singers of our day.

Now introduce the punctuated guitar work of Andrew Strader and suddenly a few simple chords form the skeleton of a work of art. But bare bones weren’t quite enough, so the duo sought the help of Mark’s older brother Ted. With the beat of the kick and the rumble of the bass, the skeleton has come to life.

The final piece of the puzzle was Nico Masse, fiddler extraordinaire.  Hailing from Quebec, this classically trained violinist quickly filled out the sound and brought new life to the group.

Drawing on influences from such bands as The Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show, and perhaps even a little Stan Rogers, Miles of Bones is a Country-Folk group to be reckoned with. And in an age where all things are digital, these four stand strong and proud in a wave of acoustic energy that will soon be washing into a town near you.

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